At Harbor Insurance Marketing, we think differently when it comes to life insurance. We believe that life insurance should not only provide value when you pass away but also during your life when a catastrophe might occur such as a critical illness. Did you know that in 2010 new individual life insurance sales hit a 50 year low? Also during that same time period, hybrid life insurance policies were up 60+%. Consumers are demanding a life insurance product that addresses more than one of the concerns that they have about their financial future. Are you giving your clients what they want? Contact us today to find out how our Life Insurance for Life policy can help save your client's financial life. Also be sure to click on the links below and take a look at our testimonial videos. They will change the way you think about life insurance.
























































Finally, you have found a life insurance product that has financial utility during a client’s life and not just at death. If you are tired of just selling regular old Death Insurance to your clients and want to give them more for their insurance dollar, then contact us today.


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